Mr Robot CTF-Walkthrough

Based on the Mr. Robot show, can you root this box?

Official walk through is available in DarkSec’s YouTube channel.

This CTF room can be considered as a very beginner friendly room.This was personally my first CTF room I have solved,so this is a special room for me.

Mr.Robot is an American techno thriller television series. The plot is around Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer and hacker with a serious social anxiety disorder and depression. Elliot is recruited by a person known as “Mr. Robot”, to join a group of hacktivists called “fsociety”. The group aims to destroy all debt records by encrypting the financial data of E-Corp, the largest corporation in the world.I recommend to watch the series if you haven’t already.

This room is created by Ben. Here we have 2 tasks.(1) Deploy the machine and (2)find 3 flags hidden from the machine.

Link to room:

Task 1: Connection

Go to your Try hack me account ->Access (fig 2) -> click on Download My configuration file(fig 3).

fig 2. Access
fig 3. Download my configuration file

Go to location where the open vpn file is downloaded(my configuration file).

open terminal there and run this code: sudo open vpn filename.ovpn .

Go to try hack me website access page and refresh and check the connection status.

Task 2: Find 3 flags

Deploy the machine and let’s start enumerating the machine first.

use nmap -sC -sV ip

fig 4. nmap enumaration

Here -sV for version enumeration, -sC service enumeration. We can see port 80 and 443 are open which means http and https services running in the machine. so let’s goto the website and see what’s waiting for us.Go and paste the IP in a web browser.

fig 5. webpage

Whaaattt!!! oh that was an awesome welcome page to scare and excite a beginner.

Now let’s see what are the different directories in the website

sudo gzip -d /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt.gz

Let’s use gobuster tool for this in directory enumeration mode.

fig 6. gobuster enumaration

use gobuster dir -u url -w wordlist location

  • dir → directory enumeration mode
  • -u → url of the website
  • -w → word list/word list location

We found out that some directories are triggered (status 200) during the enumeration. Let’s go and check robots.txt ,wp-login and license page.

fig 9. Gobuster triggered directories

Now lets go and check the directories.

fig 8. robots.txt

Hurray we got our first flag/key. Copy the key-1-of-3.txt and go to the page to get our first key.

Also go to fsociety.dic and download the word list file to our machine.Let’s see it later.Now lets go to wp-login page and try some default user name and password to login. (Nothing worked )

fig 9. wp-login

Now lets go to the license directory.

fig 10. license

Scroll down and you will see something interesting.

fig.11 something encrypted in base64

We shall go to CrackStation or CyberChef to decrypt the message

fig 12. Decrypted message

Now we have a user name and password, Let’s try it on our wp-login page.

fig 13. wp-login
We are in the admin page.

Wow we are inside the admin page now let’s rock n roll.

fig 14. admin page

After watching the beauty of the admin page we can see that the site is running on word press 4.3.1.

Also we are the admin ,which means we can install plugins

Go to appearence->editor -> 404.php . When we open it we can see that its a php code running here.

fig 15. appearence -> edit

Let’s replace this code with a php reverse shell code. For that we need to turn a netcat listener on also paste the code,I’m going to pentestmonkey to get it.

fig 16. netcat listener on port 53.

Open a different terminal for netcat and I used port 53 because its used by DNS and is always open and less monitored by firewall(later after a technical issue I used port 1234,fig 18), so the lifetime of our shell will be more. Now let’s go back to the website and paste the php reverse shell code there.Paste the code and click update code.

fig 17. change this line with your try hack me IP and port

Update it and open a new tab then goto Machine IP/wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen/404.php . When we launch this,the code executes will execute in the server and we will be able to listen in our netcat terminal.

fig 18. netcat started listening

Success we are in the server,now let’s explore here around.

fig 19.

We are a low privileged user now (called daemon).

let’s run the python script : python -c ‘import pty; pty.spawn(“/bin/sh”)’

fig 20. second key amd a MD5 key

key-2-of-3.txt cannot be opened now, we need to switch user.

Use cat password.raw-md5 to open and read the encrypted md5 .Go to crackstation or cyberchef or use any tool of your choice to decrypt this md5 hash.

fig 21. cracking md5 hash

If the website ask you are you a robot? Tell him no you are a mango ;) just kidding.

Come back to the terminal with the cracked hash and use the magic trick su -robot to switch user to robot.

fig 22. switching user to robot

Now if you try to open the key-of-2-of-3.txt you will get the second key.

fig 23. second key

Now let’s hunt for the third key. Let’s go to root directory.

fig 24. permission denied to open root folder

We must perform privilege escalation now.

Try find / -perm -4000 2>dev/null

It will find the folders with super user id’s and files accessible in interactive mode.

fig 25. Notice the nmap file here

Let’s try to run the nmap in interactive mode.

use nmap- -interactive

fig 26. nmap in interactive mode

Wow that worked. Try to launch a shell,and open a shell

use !sh

fig 27. root user

This is what we have been waiting for lets go to the root directory and check.

fig 28. final flag found

Thank you, peace out ✌️.



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